Daikin Air Conditioner Remote ARC452 A4 & FTX Models

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1 - Official Version with all the buttons $249.00
2 -  Remotes-Remade Version of this this remote without horizontal swing & timer functions $79.00

This remote may look different to your remote, however it is the latest version of the L and P series (e.g. FTX-S20LVMA, FTX-S35LVMA, FTX-S50LVMA and other FTX Models.), as well as older Daikin units that use the ‘ARC433’ series remotes.
However if used with older air conditioners, the advanced features (Weekly timer, horizontal air swing) do not work, however, the back lit screen and glow-in-the-dark buttons are still very useful upgrades to your old remote which lacked them.

Here are the compatible models:
ARC452 A1 ARC452 A2 ARC452 A3 ARC452 A4 ARC452 A5 ARC452 A6 ARC452 A7 ARC452 A8 ARC452 A9 ARC452 A10 ARC452 A11 ARC452 A12 ARC452 A13 ARC452 A14 ARC452 A15 FTXS 20C ARC-433A8 ARC-433A27 ARC-433B69 ARC-433B67, ARC-433B68, ARC-433B69  FTX-S90KVMA FTK-S20LVMA FTX-S09HVJU FTXS50L FTXS5OLV FTXS85LVMA FTXS71LVMA

Requires 2 x batteries.

Easy Use

No programming required. Just insert batteries. Regardless of which option you select at checkout.

Fast shipping

Fast Shipping From Australia (for the Alternative Remote)  However the official units are shipped from a Daikin Remote Control Dealer abroad.

ARC452A1 ARC452A2 ARC452A3 ARC452A4 ARC452A5 ARC452A6 ARC452A7 ARC452A8 ARC452A9 ARC452A10 ARC452A11 ARC452A12 ARC452A13 ARC452A14 ARC452A15 FTXS20C ARC433A8 ARC433A27 ARC433B69  ARC433B67, ARC433B68, ARC433B69 FTXS90KVMA FTKS20LVMA FTXS09HVJU FTXS35LVMA FTXS50LVMA 

We know you need your remote and Fast! We will do everything to get it out of our warehouse immediately. 

LOCAL (Within Australia)

Takes on average 14 working days to arrive.
This option is untracked but very reliable.

Takes on average 7 working days to arrive.
It's sent with a tracking number.

Takes on average 4 working days from the moment its shipped. Please note, some orders require additional processing/programming before sending. Please check the shipping info at the bottom of the product page before you order to check if your item requires any extra processing. 

If a remote doesn't work, we will send a full refund including any postage paid. Usually however one of our remote specialists will be assigned to resolve your problem and send the correct remote at no additional cost to you. 

We are lucky enough to be able to have the worlds top remotes master (Daniel Malchi) He is so knowledgeable with regards to virtually every AC remote in the world, that he knows of alternatives for every problem. He says that anyone who he works with is guaranteed a solution if they order through us.

That's why buying from us will assure you a resolution to your problem.

Universal Air Conditioner Remote

✅✅✅✅✅ I bought this Air Conditioner Remote For my arc-433a27 remote. My old arc-433a27 arc-433a8 got lost. The daikin air conditioner remote arc452 a4 & ftx models resembled my old remote but I chose the Alternative arc-433a27 and It worked on arrival. thumbs up

- Michelle Ramdel, QLD, Australia

✅✅✅✅✅This arc-433a27 remote was a perfect fit for me. I ordered this Daikin Air Conditioner Remote ARC452 A4 & FTX Models and the quality was equal to the original. Thank you for solving my problem.

✅✅✅✅Slow delivery 2 weeks to the USA! Good news it's compatible with my arc-433a27 arc-433a8 remote.

Robert Bradshaw, LA, USA


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