Remote Control For Kogan AC

Replacement AirCon Remote For Kogen Air Conditioners

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We have managed to source replacements for this Kogan Remote. 
They were made by Remotes Remade so they are not official, but they look exactly like the ones pictured just without the Logo.
They work on Kogan Devices without any programming. Just insert batteries and you are up and running.

The rule for this remote is, if it looks like your remote, it will work for you!

Select from
Option 1 - ($129) Remote as pictured
Option 2 - ($99) Alternative (works on arrival just looks different)
Option 3 - ($49) Universal Remote Which has been tested against this AC and works.


In the very rare case that you find incompatibility, we will send a full refund including all the postage you paid. Thais how sure our professional Remote technicians are that this remote will work for you.

Delivery Info

These remotes are available for shipping right away, however as they are very low in stock in Australia, they may be sent from Remotes Remade directly or from שלט למזגן אלקטרה