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Our preferred method of contact is email as it allows you to send information more accurately, like model numbers and photos.

Q. Will this remote work on my air conditioner?

A. If your brand is written on a Universal Remote, rest assured it will work for you. Better than that, our remotes Specialist , knows the best universal remote to send for each brand so he will only send a universal remote that will actually work. There are so many types of Universal Remotes, but Daniel knows them all!

Q. Can I come and collect the remote?
A. The short answer is that we have only an office and warehouse and we don't have a store. We have selected this type of business structure to save on overheads and reduce costs.

Q. Are all remotes shipped from Australia?
A. Around 97% are shipped from Australia. The other 3% are remotes that are stocked by our partners ( Air Con Remotes Remade (USA) or שלט למזגן in ISRAEL).

Alternatively If we have to produce a remote for you it will usually come from abroad. If we ship from abroad its always with Express Priority shipping to make sure we meet shipping deadlines.