About the team

Australia Remotes is a family run business, the five of us have set out on a mission to save Australians anguish discovering that their recently dog eaten, dead or lost remote is not working and even no longer in production!!

Thoughts of buying a new AC? Not if we can help it! 

The team here has sourced over 300 models of discontinued remotes with 2021 technology, meaning less wasted energy!! And since we know you are suffering... we will ship fast from Queensland with Australia Post!

Why us?
We have the worlds most Advanced Remotes Specialist (Daniel Malchi) He can solve any AC remote problem within 24 hours or remake a remote on the spot using machinery in his office. 

How big is Australia Remotes?
Australia Remotes is part of the Worldwide Remotes Network (Remotes Remade - USA, שלט למזגן אלקטרה, Every Remote (UK) and China Remotes. We share remote solutions with all of these stores so that we can provide guaranteed solutions to all remotes. That's how we know which Universal Remotes Work as replacements!

Where are we?
Australia Remotes Ships all orders from Queensland using Australia Post. If an item is made in RemotesRemade we state this on the product page. We currently don't have a collection option because we don't have a regular store but rather a warehouse. However this allows us to make our remote prices lower.

Think of us like the ultimate remote distribution warehouse!