Who are we?

A Remote Only Superstore

Australia Remotes is a Remote Control Only store with a team of Remote Control Specialists led by Daniel Malchi.

Our goal with our store is to solve your problem. Nothing else.

Unlike electronics stores that diversify their product range in order to increase profit. We are looking only to solve your problem.

Problem Solving Guarantee

Our special guarantee states that "if a remote we sent doesn't work on your device, we will continue providing free service until you are up and running... All for the initial price you paid!"

The knowledge we have access to can ensure that the remote you order will actually work for you. When you order from us you can rest assured that we crosscheck your model number against the remote you order (even if you order a universal remote).

Additionally, we are able. To stock virtually every single type of remote because we specialize in remote only.

How big are we?

All our remotes are located in Australian warehouse, however Australia Remotes is part of the Worldwide Remotes Network. This ensures that even if we dont have a solution, we will still be able to source one from our partners.

Where do we ship from?
Australia Remotes ships all orders from Queensland using Australia Post. 

Think of us like the ultimate remote distribution warehouse!