Air Con Remote for Sumikura SK AC Remote

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Brand new Replacement remote for Sumikura SK AC Remote KKG12B-C1
This remote which was produced by שלט למזגן אלקטרה replaces the remote pictured.

At checkout select from
Option 1 - (104) Remote as pictured
Option 2 - ($64.25) - Recommended - Alternative (works on arrival just looks different)
Option 3 - ($39) Universal remote which was tested against the pictured remote and works perfectly requires programming to use.

**The photo is for identification purposes only**

✔️You will receive a remote which looks different to your remote but will work with all the regular functions - Heating all temperatures, cooling all temperatures, Fan mode and Dehumidify mode.

✔️It is not a learned/cloned remote but rather a Remake which can not be modified by yourselves. Meaning you can press all buttons and never modify it. so you are secure with it.

We produce this unit at Remotes Remade as soon as you place your order so allow a small delay on the total delivery estimate.

Each remote is tested before shipping (every single key) to guarantee that the remote you receive will actually work fully.


No programming required. Simply insert batteries and you are ready to control your AC again. 


A 3 Year warranty is included with this remote so please print out your invoice and keep it safe as your invoice is your warranty card.


We ship as fast as possible, however as we make this immediately upon you placing your order (within 72 hours) you can add that time at the very minimum to the shipping estimate.

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