Electrolux Kelvinator Air conditioner remote control KSV26HRE, KSV35CRE, KSV35HRE, KSV53HRE, KSV62HRE, KSV70CRE, KSV70HRE, KSV80HRE B85B

Air Conditioner Remote for Kelvinator YAK1F

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Brand new Kelvinator AC Remote Compatible

This after-market remote replaces the following Kelvinator remote models: KSV26CRE, KSV26HRE, KSV35CRE, KSV35HRE, KSV53HRE, KSV62HRE, KSV70CRE, KSV70HRE, KSV80HRE B85B

These remotes are rare so they are pricey, consider an alternative at checkout to save some money.


Order a remote which looks different but works the same and save $30.

Easy Use

Simply insert batteries and it works. It does not require any programming.


A 3 Year warranty is included with this remote so please print out your invoice and keep it safe as your invoice is your warranty card.


The official units are no longer in production so we order them from RemotesRemade abroad. That can add an extra 7 days to the delivery times stated at checkout. The alternative remotes are in Australia and are in stock so they will arrive more quickly. If you are in a rush, please select the alternative remote option at checkout.

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