Carrier 53G250HP1 Remote

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Brand new replacement Carrier 53G100HP AC Remote.
Works on: :  53G150HP, 53G250HP1 RFL0301, RFL0601 RFL0301, RFL0301E, RFL0301EH, RFL0601, RFL0601EH, RFL0601E, RFL0601EL 36K-CARMS  RFL0199L  KFL0199G RFL0601EHL
Requires 2 x batteries.
No programming required.

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For $19.99 you can order the Carrier Universal AC Remote.

53G150HP, 53G250HP-1 RFL-0301, RFL-0601 RFL-0301, RFL-0301E, RFL-0301EH, RFL-0601, RFL-0601EH, RFL-0601E, RFL-0601EL 36KCARMS  RFL-0199L KFL-0199G RFL-0601EHL