Gree YB1FA Remote

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Brand new Replacement YB1FA Remote for Gree LS0926H, LS1226H AC's

There are 5 potential options for your air conditioner, please see the image.

Please select the correct model at checkout, the one that looks exactly like yours.
We will then send that model if we have it in stock. (we have 4 out of 5 versions) If your version is not in stock we will send one of the others if it matches in functionality. Some match each other and some don't.

For the following AC Models and more:

GWH(09)MA-K3DNA2B/I GWH(12)MB-K3DNA2B/I GWH(18)MC-K3DNA2B/I GWH(07)MA-K3DNA3B/I GWH(09)MA-K3DNA3B/I GWH(12)MB-K3DNA3B/I GWH(18)MC-K3DNA3B/I GWH(09)MA-K3DNB8B/I GWH(12)MB-K3DNB8B/I GWH(07)MA-K3DNC5B/I GWH(09)MA-K3DNC5B/I GWH(12)MB-K3DNC5B/I GWH(18)MC-K3DNC5B/I GWH(07)MA-K3DNB8B/I(Cold plasma) GWH(09)MA- 3DNB8B/I(Cold plasma) GWH(12)MB-K3DNB8B/I(Cold plasma) GWH(18)MC- 3DNB8B/I(Cold plasma) GWH09MB-K3DNA4H/O(DRED) GWH(07)MA- 3DNA3B/I GWH(07)MA-K3DNC5B/I GWH(07)MA- K3DNB8B/I(Cold plasma) CB171N0400 CB179N00900 CB174N02100 GWH(09)MA-K3DNA2B/I GWH(09)MA- 3DNA3B/I GWH(09)MA-K3DNB8B/I GWH(09)MA-K3DNC5B/I GWH(09)MA- K3DNB8B/I(Cold plasma) CB181N02700 CB171N0340 CB174N01900 CB179N01000 CB174N01901 GWH(12)MB-K3DNA2B/I GWH(12)MB-K3DNA3B/I GWH(12)MB- 3DNB8B/I GWH(12)MB-K3DNC5B/I GWH(12)MB- K3DNB8B/I(Cold plasma) CB181N02800 B171N0350  B174N02000  CB179N01100 CB174N02001 GWH(18)MC- 3DNA2B/I GWH(18)MC-K3DNA3B/I GWH(18)MC-K3DNC5B/I GWH(18)MC- 3DNB8B/I(Cold plasma)  CB181N02900 CB171N0360 CB179N01200 CB174N02200


No programming required. Simply insert batteries and you are ready to control your AC again.


A 3 Year warranty is included with this remote so please print out your invoice and keep it safe as your invoice is your warranty card.


We know the weather is very harsh right now, that's why we ship virtually immediately from our Aussie warehouse via Australia Post ($3). Choose from regular Australia post shipping and Express Australia ($14) post at checkout. We process orders immediately upon payment receipt and pack and ship it within 12 hours to ensure high speed service.


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