Replacement Hitachi Remote for Air Conditioners Model : PC-2H2

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This PC-2H2 unit has been discontinued by Hitachi around 2016, we have a 1 official new Unit available and this is the last one we believe we will have forever sadly.

This model says on it PC-2H2. These are no longer available anywhere. If your AC depends on it we recommend you order this fast before the last one goes!!

The price is high as this is the last one and demand is high. 


Only order this remote if you had the PC-2h2 as each version does not work on a different version.


Because of the fact that this remote is so rare and is only rarely purchased, we manufacture these on demand, which takes around 10 days in addition to the regular delivery times. Please only purchase this unit if you understand this. Paying for express delivery will speed up delivery once the item is ready.

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