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Replacement Air Conditioner Remote for LG - Model:671

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Aftermarket LG Air Conditioner Remote sourced by Australia Remotes.


At checkout select from:
Option 1 - ($64.25) Remote as pictured
Option 2 - ($49) - Recommended - Alternative (works on arrival just looks different)

Option 3 - ($39) Universal remote which was tested against the pictured remote and requires programming to use.

Compatible with: LG 6711A20073D 6711A20073U 6711A20073V 6711A20083X 6711A20091H KTLG01 & 6711A20083F 6711A20107C F24AHJ AS-C0764DM0 AS- 0764DM0 LS-C1264DM0 LS-H0764DM0 AS-C0964DM0 AS-H0964DM0 LS-C1865DM0 LS-H0964DL0 AS-C1264DM0 AS-H1264DM0 LS-C2665DM0 LS-H1264DM0 AS- 1865DM0 AS-H1865DM0  LS-C0964DA0 LS-H1865DM0 AS-C2465DM0 AS-H2465DM0 LS-C0964DM0 LS-H2665DM0 AS-C0764DB0 AS-H0764GM0 LS-C1865DB0 LS- 2465DM0 AS-C0964DB0 AS-H0964GM0 LS-C1264DA0 LS-H0964DM0 AS-C1264DB0 AS-H1264GM0 LS-C2465DB0 AS-C1865DB0 AS-H1865GM0 LS-C2465GB0  AS- 2465DB0 AS-H2465GM0 LS-C1865DM1 LS-C1865GB0 LS-C2665DM1 AS-C0764DH0  AS-C0964DH0 AS-C1264DH0 AS-C1865DH0 AS-C2465DH0 AS-C0964DA0 AS- 1264DA0 AS-C0964GA0 AS-C1264GA0 AS-C1865GB0 AS-C2465GB0 AS-H0964DA0 AS- 1264DA0 AS-H1865DB0 LS-C1264DM1 AS-H2465DB0 LS-C1264GA0 AS-H0964GA0 LS- 1264GB0 AS-H1264GA0 LS-C0964DM1 AS-H1865GB0 AS-H2465GB0 AS-H2465DM1 LS-H0964DY0 LS-H1264DY0 LS-H1865DY0 LS-H2465DY0 LS-H0764DM1 LS- 0964DM1 LS-H1264DM1 LS-H1865DM1 LS-H2465DM1 LS-H2665DM1 LS-H2465GB0 LS-H0964GB0 LS-H1264GB0
please do not order this remote if it looks like your remote. Only if your model number actually appears above!
No programming required, just insert batteries.

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