MASTER Dimplex Universal Air Conditioner Remote

MASTER Dimplex Universal Air Conditioner Remote

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This MASTER Dimplex Universal Air Conditioner Remote, is a special remote which we have made due to the major problem that most universal remotes do not contain all Dimplex  Air conditioner Remotes .

This Master Remote is for Dimplex Air Conditioners Only and does not work with other brands of Air Conditioners. It is not Universal, its Master. Like a master key which opens all doors of a specific brand. It controls all Dimplex AC's. It guarantees that you will be able to replace your Dimplex Remote.

Why do we sell this Replacement Dimplex Air Conditioner Remote
It was made for those who prefer a hassle free buying experience, and also for clients who simply cannot find their remote anywhere. Most of the Dimplex AC Remotes are no longer in production and cannot be sourced.

Simply insert batteries and it will work with your AC right away.

Fast Shipping From Australia.
Even though we ship worldwide, this remote is shipped from Australia so only those who live in Australia will enjoy speedy delivery times. As we only have 2 units left in Australia, we recommend you select the shipping from RemotesRemade Directly to save money, you can save around $30 by doing so.

It has the original functions your old remote ,timing,electrical heating,swing and fan.
This remote requires 2 X AAA batteries (not included).

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