Universal Remote for Hitachi air conditioner remotes

MASTER Universal Air Conditioner Remote for Hitachi

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New for 2020, a Brand new MASTER Universal Air Conditioner Remote for Hitachi
Just like a master key controls all doors, a Master remote replaces every Hitachi Remote.
It arrives without the need to be programmed. Just insert batteries and it will control your AC.

This item is exclusive to Australia Remotes.com us and cannot be found in stores.

It was formulated for clients who don't want to risk purchasing a Universal remote which don't work with all Hitachi Aircon Remotes.

There is 1 remote which is not installed inside it this one: 

<---- This Remote is not installed in the master remote.

Please click it if this is your model. Please don't mistake it for other models as many Hitachi Remotes look alike.

Apart from the remote above, You can not go wrong with the Master Hitachi Remote. 

Every other Hitachi remote is installed inside it so that it will replace every Hitachi Air Conditioner Remote in the world. please see the image to find your remote and let us know if yours is missing.

Easy use

It arrives ready to use.  You just insert batteries and you are up and running.
Shipping within Australia is $3.00
Worldwide shipping is available for a flat rate of $4.99

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