Kelvinator Universal Air Conditioner Remote Control ACC050 EK394871594

Master Universal Air Conditioner Remote for Electrolux KELVINATOR

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This MASTER Kelvinator Universal Air Conditioner Remote Model EK394871594, is a special remote which we have produced due to the major problem that most universal remotes do not contain all Electrolux Kelvinator Air conditioner Remotes . 

You may find yourself trying multiple Universal remotes before you get up and running.

If you have your old remote, please find your remote in the photo.

This Master Remote made by RemotesRemade is for Kelvinator Air Cons Only and does not work with other brands of Air Conditioners. It guarantees that you will be able to replace your Kelvinator Remote - With all functions.

Unlike Universal remotes which lack the Turbo Function and the Timer Function, Ifeel Function, LED function, and Clean Function.

The Kelvinator Master Universal Remote has them all.

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Why do we sell this Replacement Electrolux Kelvinator Air Conditioner Remote
It was made for those who prefer a hassle free buying experience, and also for clients who simply cannot find their remote anywhere and do not know which ones to buy. Most of the Official Old Kelvinator AC Remotes are no longer in production and cannot be sourced. And even the official Kelvinator Universal Remote does not control many of the remotes pictured.

Extremely Simple Setup!

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