Merlin+ C945 CM842 C940 C943 Plus Remote

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The official remotes: Merlin+ C945/CM842/CM844/C940/C943 are discontinued and cannot be purchased. 
We are offering an upgraded alternative with 4 buttons.

The alternative compatibility:

CB22 (Control Board)
HE60 (HomEntry)
MGA600 XLR8 (Wingmate 3)
MGL300 (Linear Swing Gate)
MGL400 (Linear Swing Gate)
MGS300 (Sliding Gate Motor)
MGS500 (Sliding Gate Motor)
MGS500T (Sliding Gate Motor)
MGS1000 (Sliding Gate Motor)
MGS1000T (Sliding Gate Motor)
MJ3800 (Garage Opener)
MJ3800R (Garage Opener)
ML500 (MotorLift)
ML700 (MotorLift)
MLR500 (Chamberlain Garage Opener)
MLR750 (Chamberlain Garage Opener)
MLR850 (Chamberlain Garage Opener)
MR60 (Rolling Garage Opener)
MR600 (Roller Door Opener)
MR600A (Roller Door Opener)
MR650 (Roller Door Opener)
MR800 (Roller Door Opener)
MR800A (Roller Door Opener)
MR850 (Roller Door Opener)
MR1000 (Roller Door Opener)
MT60 (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)
MT60P (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)
MT230 (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)
MT600 (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)
MT800 (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)
MT1000 (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)
MT3850 (Whisper Drive)
MT5580 (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)
MT5580P (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)

MR850 (Roller Door Opener)
MR1000 (Roller Door Opener)
Please note: Not compatible with EVO models or if your remote has Merlin+2.0 written on the front.
Please Note: The remote you will receive is the black and chrome remote pictured at the bottom of the listing (style may vary depending on availability)

LED Indicator
Slim Design
Long Range
Compact Pocket Size
Manual Instructions Included
Controls Up To 3 Garage Doors Only
Button Slide Protector


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