Universal Carrier Airconditioner Remote

Replacement (Master) Universal Air Conditioner Remote for Carrier

This new remote remote is guaranteed to substitute your old remote and we ship remotes to your door.

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A Brand new Replacement Universal Air Conditioner Remote for Carrier AirCon's
Including Carrier Xpression Models 42P250HX 38KHL/42KHL 38XPL/42XPL 42PQV and all other Carrier Models.

Many of the Remotes pictured are discontinued so we are offering the Carrier Master Remote. Its guaranteed to control the Carrier Aircon remotes in the photo.

Regular Universal remotes, lack some functions and they only work with some of the Carrier Aircond Remotes pictured.

The master remote however is a 100% guaranteed solution, perfect for those who want a hassle free buying experience or those that don't know which remote they need.


No programming required. Simply insert batteries and you are ready to control your AC again.


A 3 Year warranty is included with this remote so please print out your invoice and keep it safe as your invoice is your warranty card.


These very special remotes are not available in Australia so we ship them from Remotes Remade,  or from שלט למזגן אלקטרה . It is shipped via Express and depends on the number of flights. So please be patient with these remotes.

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Some but not all Compatible Models:
24ACA324A300 24ACR318A300 24AHA 24AHA424A300 24AHA430A003 24AHA430A300 24AHA436A003 24AHA436A300 24AHA460A0030010 24AHA460A500 24ANB660A003 30RAN045---611--- 30RAN050K-E5511PP 30RAP0456K-0GD10 36HCU60521 38AN0091 38AN009100 38AN009110 38AN009120 38AN012100 38AN012300 38AN012320 38AND12320 38ANO12320 38ARD014---501--- 38AUDA16A0A5A0A0 38AUDA25A0A50A0A0 38BN024311 38BNB018311 38BNB030301 38BNB03031 38BNB036301 38BNC009101 38CG024301 38CK5024300 38CKW048530 38CKW060530 38GVC024-3 38HDC018321 38HDC018351 38HDC024310 38HDC024321 38HDC024331 38HDC024341 38HDC024-341  38HDC030310 38HDC030331 38HDC030-331 38HDC036301 38HDC036321 38HDC036-321 38HDC048321 38HDC048331 38HDC060521  38HDC060-521 38HDCC24-341 38HDF018-301 38HDF024 38HDF024-301 38HDF030-301 38HDF036-301 38HDF-  0QNC018243 38HDL018-301 38HDL024311 38HDL024-311 38HDP018-301 38HDR018-311 38HDR024-301 38HDR030 38HDR030-301  38HDR036-3 38HDR036‐3 38HDR048320  38HDR060-301 38HDR060-321 38HDRO18-311 38HDV009-3 38HDV009---3 38HDV012---3 38MAB12-301 38MAQB12R-1 38MAQB30R 38MFC009-1 38MFC012 38MFC012-1 38MVC009-1 38MVC012-101 38N009110 38VC036-3 39LA12AABTAHP1E2 39MN06B005 BHDC024-341 400KB036---3 409AC036301
40AB024331 40BN030301 40BNB018301 40BNB030301 40BNB036301 40BNC009101 40CG024301RN 40GVC036-3 40KMC03036-301 40KNB024 40MAQB12B-1 40MAQB12B-3 40MAQB12R-1 40MAQB30B 40MFC009-1 40MFC0121 40MFC012-1 40MKCB54F--3 40QAB024331 40QAB048321 40QAC024-311 40QAC036‐3 40QAC036-311 40QAC048-301 40QAC060-301 40QKB036-3 40QKB036---3 40QKBU36-3 40QMBO24 40QNB009100 40QNB012100 40QNB012300 40QNB018 40QNB018300 40Q  B024  0QNB024300  0QNB24 40QNC0009---3 40QNC009-3 40QNC012---3  0QNC01824-  40QWB009100 40RUAA25A5A5-0A0A0 438HDF030-301  0HCA06A2A5034816 CA134XTY01 FC4CNFC048 FC4CNFG060 FC4DNF060 FX4D  X4DNB061 FX4DNB061L00 FX4DNF025 FX4DNF031 FX4DNF037 FX4DNF037L00  AV-SP180AT2-UL RAV-SP180KRT-UL RAV-SP240AT2-UL RAV-SP240KRT-UL U/I  /I  4 U/I T115-B2 U/I-117-SR-1 U/I1507-8A U/I1507D1 U/IT115B UIF Carrier UNKNOWN Y0QNB009100 ZP103KCE (blank)            

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International from Australia 

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2. Express International Shipping - $17 - 7 Working days


If a remote doesn't arrive within the time stated, we will resend the remote with an upgraded form of shipping or offer a full refund including postage on your purchase.

If a remote control does not function properly, we will provide a complete refund, including any postage fees paid.

Typically however, one of our specialized remote control technicians will be assigned to address and resolve your issue. They will also send you the correct remote control without any additional charges.

On our team - The Remote Guru - Daniel Malchi

Air Conditioner Remotes

We are fortunate to have hired the world's foremost remote Guru, (Daniel Malchi - From Remotes Remade - USA)

His expertise in regards to every remote control in existence is so extensive that he confidently asserts, "As long as we employ him, anyone who places an order with us will unquestionably receive a solution to their issue."



That is precisely why purchasing from our company will guarantee you a prompt solution to your issue even if the price is a few dollars higher.

✅✅✅✅✅ I bought this Air Conditioner Remote For my blank remote. My old blank i got lost. The replacement (master) universal air conditioner remote for carrier resembled my old remote but I chose the Alternative blank and It worked on arrival. thumbs up

- Michelle Ramdel, QLD, Australia

✅✅✅✅✅This blank remote was a perfect fit for me. I ordered this Replacement (Master) Universal Air Conditioner Remote for Carrier and the quality was equal to the original. Thank you for solving my problem.

✅✅✅✅Slow delivery 2 weeks to the USA! Good news it's compatible with my blank i remote.

Robert Bradshaw, LA, USA


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  • will this work for this model remote? HK38BAVT-106H-25

    Sadly I dont think it will!