Olimpia Splendid remote piu eco 12

Replacement Olimpia Splendid Air Conditioner Remote Controller Model 3

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Brand new Air Conditioner Remote For the OLIMPIA SPLENDID Remote as pictured.
Including Olimpia issimo models & The Olimpia splendid piu eco 12

**The image is for identification purposes only** 
**please order from this page if your remote looks like the one pictured**

You will receive a replacement remote which will control your AC fully without the need to program it.

No programming is required.

Simply insert batteries into the remote you will receive and you are ready to control your AC again.


A 3 Year warranty is included with this remote so please print out the order as soon as you make your order and keep it as a warranty card.


This remote has been discontinued, we source it from RemotesRemade USA. So please add an extra 7 days to the shipping options mentioned at checkout. 

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