Celsius Air Con Remote GZ-1002B-E3

Replacement Remote for Celsius AC Remote GZ-1002B-E3

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Brand new Replacement remote for Celsius AC Remote MSS2.0KW - MSS2.6KW

This after-market remote replaces all the AC remote models which start with GZ

With this remote specifically, the rule is, If it looks like your remote, it will work for you.

Celsius Air Conditioner remote

GZ-10028-E3, GZ-1002B-E1, GZ-1002B-E3 GZ1002BE3 GZ-1002B-E1 GZ-1002A-E3 GZ-1002B-E1 GZ-1002B-E3 GZ01-BEJ0-000

Includes all original remote functions auto, fan, heat and cool functions. (See picture)

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