Can't find universal remote code

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Isnt it annoying when you pay your hard earned money for a device that doesnt work... We know. we deal with so many clients who feel this.
We have therefore moved on to more advanced remotes.

The Solution.

Some remotes require a code. And some remotes allow you to search through all the remotes.
When ordering a remote for your device we recommend a remote that will be able to find your device by running through all the codes in the database as opposed to asking you to enter a code.

Dont give up

if you feel like giving up on your device because you can no longer control it, we suggest that you don't give up because it would be such a waste of resources, money and even. Can cause problems in global warming if you end up deciding to upgrade or change your device.

Whats the alternative to a Universal remote

We believe there is code with all air conditioner remote and if you cannot run through all the codes, we recommend you look through our universal remote controls to find. A remote that will work with your brand as many times. Instead of ordering a universal remote, you can try using a master remote, which is a remote that will work for your device without the need for programming.

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